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Wrongful Death Attorneys in Maryland

Posted by E. Gregory Watson | Feb 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

Wrongful Death Attorneys

Experiencing the unexpected accidental death of a loved one is heartbreaking. You might find yourself in shock; asking questions and demanding answers. What happened? When did it happen? How did it happen? Who's responsible? The wrongful death attorneys in Maryland can help.

The sad truth is some accidents could have been easily avoided if the responsible party hadn't been careless. Even more tragic is that the death of your loved one doesn't always ensure that the party responsible will be held accountable for their careless actions. So, what can you do?

File a wrongful death claim with a Maryland wrongful death attorney.

In Maryland, wrongful death occurs when someone dies due to another's carelessness/negligence. Wrongful death claims in Maryland are meant to financially compensate the grieving family and estate of the deceased. In Maryland, wrongful death claims can only be filed by primary and secondary beneficiaries.

Primary beneficiaries are the immediate family members of the deceased: spouse, children, and parents. Secondary beneficiaries are the other relatives of the deceased: siblings, cousins, niece and nephews. If the primary beneficiary doesn't file a wrongful death claim, secondary beneficiaries are able to file on behalf of both primary and secondary beneficiaries.

There are two categories of wrongful death claims in Maryland: Wrongful death actions and Survival actions. Wrongful death actions can be filed by primary beneficiaries and are meant to compensate the immediate family for losses connected by the untimely death of the deceased which covers lost wage, support, and companionship. Survival actions are claims that can be filed by the estate. These claims are meant to compensate for losses paid due to the deceased which would include funeral, medical expenses, or anything related to the death. A survival action could also compensate for the pain and suffering on behalf of the deceased.

Additionally, wrongful death claims in Maryland have a deadline. Claims must be filed within three years of the death. Any claim filed after the three year limit will be thrown out.

If your loved one has died in an accident due to the carelessness and negligence of another person, contact the Maryland wrongful death attorneys at Watson & Moran LLC. Monetary compensation will never replace what you have lost, but it will ease your financial burdens following your loved one's death. The responsible party should be held accountable for their careless actions. At Watson & Moran LLC, our wrongful death attorneys will conduct a detailed investigation of the actions that caused the death. We will work with you to gather evidence that prove negligence and use that evidence during the settlement negotiations. Our attorneys are guided by the desire to protect your best interests and we will take things to trial if negotiations don't work.

Our wrongful death attorneys in Maryland have the experience you need and will provide personalized attention. We've worked with grieving individuals and families and we can help ease your burdens and provide guidance on your case. If you feel like you have a wrongful death case, contact the attorneys at Watson & Moran LLC to schedule a consultation with an experienced wrongful death attorney about your options.

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