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At Watson & Moran LLC, we understand that dealing with a custody dispute is one of the most difficult and important matters in your life. Our child custody attorneys have years of experience in handling custody matters and know how to aggressively represent you in seeking the best interest for you and your child. We will diligently work for and with you to resolve your custody dispute by either reaching an access agreement or advocating for you at trial. It is essential that you work with an experience attorney familiar with custody law. Not only are our attorneys versed in custody law, we will assist you in understanding all of the factors the court weighs in reaching custody decisions and we will zealously represent you in favorably presenting these factors to the Judge. In reaching a custody decision the court determines what is in the best interest of the child and considers the following factors in determining same:

  • Sincerity of each of the parent's request;
  • Capacity and willingness of the parents to Communicate;
  • Ability of parents to reach shared decisions affecting the child's welfare;
  • Flexibility of each of the parents;
  • Prior voluntary abandonment or surrender of custody of the child;
  • Length of the separation of the parents;
  • Relationship established between the child and each parent;
  • Desire of the natural parents and any Agreements between them;
  • Fitness of the parents;
  • Character and reputation of the parents;
  • Potential for maintaining natural family relations;
  • Extended Family;
  • Preference of the child;
  • Material opportunities affecting the future life of the child;
  • Age, health, sex, and number of children;
  • Residences of the parents and the opportunity for visitation;
  • Willingness of each of the parents to share custody;
  • Potential disruption of child's social and school life;
  • Geographic proximity of parental homes;
  • Demands of parental employment;
  • Age and number of children;
  • Financial status of parents;
  • Impact on State or Federal Assistance;
  • Benefit to parents

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